DMI Homes appreciates real estate agents bringing buyers to their model home. There are some policies that must be followed in order to be paid a sales commission. Per DMI Homes, in order to be considered representing the buyer(s) and paid a commission, every agent MUST;

1) Accompany your buyers to the model home on their first visit.

2) Register your buyers while at the model home with them. 

3) Accompany the buyers during contract signing.

4) Work with your buyers and the agent in the model during the building process.

5) You will not be paid a commission simply because your buyers come to the model home with your business card. Please educate your buyers regarding DMI Homes commission policies.

Commission paid by DMI Homes as follows:

$7000 on a Key Collection home. $5000 on a Benchmark Collection home.

Commission is paid at completion of interior framing.


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