Marketing your home correctly to obtain the highest sales price is vitally important.

That’s what we do!! Yes, there’s a lot of information here but it’s paramount you make the right decision; the most important is choosing a REALTOR® that cares about what’s best for you.

In addition to professional photos, we create a short 30-second “commercial” of your home, like the example below, as well as a long video tour. Read more about how we advertise them in the first drop-down section.

30-second commercial example below.

Home video tour example. It can also be narrated if you’d like.

How will you market my home?

As REALTORS®, we list your home on our Multiple Listing Service (MLS) that is visible to every real estate broker, REALTORS® as well as the public. Your listing will be visible on literally thousands of agent and broker websites as well, allowing buyers to easily read the description and view pictures. REALTORS® will send the listing to their buyers too.

Your home’s listing information is distributed via Internet Data Exchange, IDX, to brokers and agents across the state and can also be found on national broker websites. All IDX broker participants are bound by strict rules when advertising your property, ensuring your home is presented properly. MLS and IDX display accurate, updated information within minutes and is the best way to market homes and properties online to other brokers, REALTORS® and buyers.

In addition to professional photos, every home listing includes a short 30 second “commercial” and full video of your home. We advertise them on the internet as well.

We also build a full “stand alone” page of your home on our website giving buyers the information they need. The page will index on search engines and includes a video tour of your home.


For Sale sign.

The old-fashioned yard “For Sale” sign and “Take One” flyer box has proven to be one of the best tools. (See a picture below)

Open House.

Holding an open house attracts buyers also. Generally weekends are the best but here in Florida during “season” a mid-week open house can do well because of less competition.

Networking with REALTORS®.

We network with other REALTORS® on various social sites such as FaceBook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more. This is a great way to highlight our listings and let them know of open houses, amenities and other important information.

Pricing your home correctly.

Regardless of how your home is marketed, if it’s priced too low it will sell very quickly, but when priced too high it may remain on the market for a long time with little or no action. We will not mislead you on price. It needs to be valued correctly in order to sell quickly as well as bring the highest price.

Each home is different regarding upgrades and other amenities. We will need to see your home to ensure we know everything about it and give you any tips on what to do to make it “Market Ready.”

New Age of Buyers.

The internet has changed how buyers find a home. Many have already researched neighborhoods, prices, community amenitites and most likely know a lot about your home before ever seeing it in person. As with so many products, people can research, look at pictures and read reviews. Your home isn’t much different, making it important that: a) your home’s listing information is properly visible on the web and, b) a potential buyer can view as much information about it as possible. The third step, even more important, is access once they find your home. That is why we answer our phone every time it rings and we make ourselves available to show on a moments notice.

Today’s REALTOR® must be Internet savvy and utilize only correct avenues to market your home. We know the Internet very well. Choosing the right REALTOR® is as important as ever. We can discuss your needs anytime you’re ready.

Our For Sale signOur For Sale. Notice how large the “For Sale” is compared to the brokerage name. Why? It’s not important to most buyers what brokerage has the listing. This is why we put OUR website on the sign to help a buyer find more information as well as our phone number, both easily readable. We always answer our phone!!

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