Here are the 10 top reasons you should consider building your next home.

DMI Homes along with REALTORS® Kent & Robecca “Beccy” Wolfe of Sun Realty have teamed up to bring you the best value and service in new home construction. We also include some pros & cons to help you decide.

1) Live in a floor plan you choose.

With many floor plans to choose from, you’ll one that fits your lifestyle. Want to change the interior of a plan? No problem. DMI is a custom builder and many changes can be made for a low additional cost.

2) Customize your home.

DMI already includes many popular upgrades in their “premium” packages. You can add more options if you’d like plus choose your colors!! DMI also has their own cabinet shop. 

3) Live where you want.

DMI can build your new home on your lot or one of theirs. If you’re looking for that perfect home-site, let Kent and Beccy find it for you. We’re licensed REALTORS® with vast knowledge of the area.

4) Lower cost.

In some areas, you can build a brand new custom home at or below existing home prices.

5) Low energy cost.

All DMI homes are built to the latest high-energy standards.

6) Low maintenance.

It’s a new home!! There won’t be any repairs for a long time.

7) Home Warranty.

DMI includes a one-year warranty and ten-year bonded builder warranty for worry-free living.

8) New appliances.

All DMI homes come equipped with kitchen appliances with full manufacturer warranty.

9) New lawn and landscape.

All home-sites include sod, plants and trees.

10) Low homeowners insurance.

All DMI homes are built to the latest building codes that help reduce insurance cost. 

In addition to 10 reasons above, there are still pros & cons of building a new home you should consider, plus some suggestions and ideas to help with common considerations.

It’s brand new.

Timeframe. If you have limited time to move, building a home may take more time than you have. Suggestion: find a short-term rental or purchase a DMI Home Builders spec home that’s complete or nearing completion.

Building a home allows more time if you need to sell your existing home first.

If you currently have a mortgage, you will need to obtain financing for the construction loan and you’ll be paying for two houses simultaneously. Suggestion: Some lenders offer products that may economically suit your needs.

Having a home built to your specifications.

Having a home built can be stressful. Sometimes there are slight weather delays and time seems to stand still. Suggestion: Take a deep breath, relax and watch the home come to life.

DMI Home Builders pays for some closing costs on all premium packages, including Doc stamps on the deed and owner title policy.

Hmm, there are none. This will save you up to $3000 in closing costs other builders might require you to pay out of your pocket.

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